Steffanie Leigh

Steffanie LeighSteffanie Leigh grew up in Southern Oregon in a small town called Talent. Even at a young age she thrived on trying new things and spent long hours on soccer fields, volleyball courts, golf courses and in swimming pools. But on her way to and from practice she would always be singing, and often found herself dancing in the locker rooms.

Attending middle and high school in Ashland, the same town that hosts the Tony Award- winning Oregon Shakespeare Festival, she was surrounded by a community that supported and respected the theatre. It was here that she took her first steps into acting and fell in love.

She began this love affair with a production of Into the Woods playing Little Red Riding Hood. She relished the time in rehearsals; giving life to the lines, inhabiting a character, and collaborating with this new family. She was intrigued by the strange rituals backstage; learning a new language that used words like upstage and downstage, cues, and spirit gum. She delighted in every costume, in wearing false eyelashes, and checking her props. And onstage, it was there that she discovered this magical space where she felt utterly safe and free.

She continued her education at Carnegie Mellon University, where after four years of intense training she received her BFA in acting and musical theatre. Now, with the continued love and support that she has always received from her family and friends, she lives across the country from her childhood home as a New York City based actor. And from The Crucible to 42nd Street, Grease to Hamlet, and Les Miserables to Mary Poppins her love affair with acting continues on in the hope that they will grow old together.

She thanks her family, her constant and loving boyfriend, the many teachers in her life, and everyone who has ever seen her perform.